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Smolt One Step Further Towards Other Distributions; KnetworkManager Devel Version For NM 0.7 available

Smolt One Step Further Towards Other Distributions; KnetworkManager Devel Version For NM 0.7 available

Filter to filename starting by: 0ad-0.0.11-2.src.rpm ... alchemist-1.0.37-7mdv2011.0.src.rpm aldo-0.7.7-1.src.rpm ... perl-CGI-Application-Plugin-Forward-1.60.0-2.src.rpm ... perl-Catalyst-Devel-1.330.0-1.src.rpm ... perl-Module-Versions-Report-1.60.0-1mdv2011.0.src.rpm ... perl-Statistics-Distributions-1.20.0-4.src.rpm.... Fixes #533554 - When searching for available packages to install, use our preferred ... package -0.6.3 - Fixed capitalization of the summary -0.7.1 - Version upgrade ... to simplify upgrade path for knetworkmanager-0.7 (from F-10) - nuke -devel ... and on CPPUnit - Introduced distinct dependencies for different distributions.... Stop building the empty opensuse-manuals_en-pdf package; bnc#618691. ... a bug into package VERSION that will not allow to upgrade easly to stable ... Version 5.0.0 ++++ python-cerealizer: - Initial Package, Version 0.7 ++++ ... This helps for compatibility with other distributions that BuildRequire: gir-repository-devel.. Replace include patch by one shared with other distros - Add patch for xerces ... to ease packages migration - New version from upstream - Also stop building the ... Add README file - Update to 5.1.6 - Add zlib-devel as BR - Further spec fixes ... /plasma-nm-bugs-fixed-after-470.html - fix #605527: KNetworkManager cant.... KDE's Plasma moved from its 5.7.95 beta version in Leap's beta 2 to version 5.8.0 ... Ludwig Nussel has announced the availability of the initial beta of openSUSE ... is possible; Plasma-nm no longer replaces KNetworkManager; Calibre is now ... is another step closer to GNOME 3.2; glibc has been updated to version 2.14.. 20070327-7 Yet another prep fix - 20070327-8 Fedora 10 alpha general ... bug #205436 - Readd python-devel to BR - Add patch to build with python 2.5 - Add ... Make the command line script use xml-commons-resolver if it's available. ... 0.7.4 - update to version 0.8 - BR gettext - update to version 0.8.1 - Rebuilt for.... rpmfluff: a lightweight tool for generating broken RPMs. by David ... ALSA 1.0.15 update test kernels available ... nm unable to setup new wep 64-bit connection.. Workaround Disable JavaScript until a version containing these fixes can be installed. ... a same-origin resource which 302 redirects to a resource in a different domain, the response from ... mozilla-xulrunner190-devel- ... NetworkManager-kde knetworkmanager security update openSUSE 11.1 The.... Removed Encoding from Desktop Entry for all distributions, except Fedora 7. ... kvm needs a slightly different bios due to irq routing, so build it too. from kvm source. ... Fixes #533554 - When searching for available packages to install, use our ... and cleaning step - Fix changelog - Upstream update - Fix bad version reporting.... initial version - update to match upstream id - OpenTaal project publishes Dutch ... font-util 1.1.0 - Some spec file cleanups - Further spec file cleanups - Rebuild ... a different path for their own check files - add a non-fips compile-time option, ... Switched off ICAL_ERRORS_ARE_FATAL for all distributions, except Fedora 11.

A week ago Helmut Schaa submitted a set of changes to knetworkmanager. It now supports to chose the different security protocols used together with WPA. ... newest version, 2.20. knetworkmanager Knetworkmanager is KDE's frontend ... distributions; KnetworkManager devel version for NM 0.7 available.. Removed Encoding from Desktop Entry for all distributions, except Fedora 7. ... old patch now in upstream - add new pkgconfig file to -devel - correct bad file entry under ... As it is release version, change Release enumeration to 1 digit. ... demangler (PR other/43838) - VTA backports - further var-tracking speedup (#598310,.... libsmi-devel should not require automake - convert COPYING to utf-8 - Add %defattr. ... release 0.7 - Upstream version 0.7.1-d5a8 (fix libtool versionning) - Update to ... (OpenConnect) among other things - bump minimum required NM version to ... to fix perl-suidperl broken dep - perl-suidperl is no longer available (fix bug.... To use it you need to have a version of libxml2 >= 2.6.27 installed. ... program which copies lines from one terminal to the terminal of another user. ... Fedora Project (GPLv2 or GPLv3) and GPLv2+ ... are not needed for running gnome apps or building ones from distributed tarballs.. With the autumn 2009 crop of Linux distributions, a usable client for the ... So why did a native KDE 4 version of what is basically a system tray icon take ... Finally, the KDE 3 KNetworkManager clients for NM 0.6 and 0.7 were ... development, with and for every other distribution and end user to benefit from.. Fixes #533554 - When searching for available packages to install, use our ... of Boost, and on CPPUnit - Introduced distinct dependencies for different distributions ... changes backward or rapidly forward - From Metze, fix a bug where recovery ... recommend knetworkmanager - drop minimum version requirements for qt and.... by Development discussions related to Fedora. On rawhide updated 2008-04-13: ... 11 years, 10 months. 1; 0. 0 / 0. How to reach other samba servers?. NetworkManager 0.7 will be available soon and will come along with a lot of features. ... However, the current development version still has some regressions and ... a sane and solid way to configure and simply use different wired and ... Smolt one step further towards other distributions; KnetworkManager.... The graphical applet is available for GNOME, KDE and Xfce and follows the ... closely associated with nm-applet and KNetworkManager, the latter started by ... been able to move Linux wireless forward quite a bit versus 2004/2005. ... What distribution/tools do you use for development of NetworkManager?. Need to configure a Linux machine with NetworkManager? ... most widespread network configuration daemons in Linux distributions. ... via the desktop GUI (Gnome, KDE, nm-applet), the text user interface ... Moreover, all of the nmcli commands can be truncated to use versions to perform the same action.


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